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"The message card and description of how you created this beautiful masterpiece was so inspiring and beautiful."

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What makes your jewelry so very personal is the involvement of your spirit guides and guardians in the process of design and intention.


An Oracle Card Reading is the way your guides can send a message to you. LuAnn is a Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, and experienced in offering insight along with the message on the cards.





From LuAnn:


"Sometimes you have a specific intention (or problem) that you would like help with in your life. Let's say you have an intention to find a quality relationship.  But with most things that trouble us in life, if can be hard to see what you might need to do differently to achieve your intention. Oracle cards are the way your guides can give you ideas on the attitude or approach you could take to achieve your desired result.

For this example, your guide might have the Truth card from the Soul Coaching deck be the message for your intention.


When I design your Sacred Circle, I will blend then energy of relationship, using color, natural elements, intention, numerology and symbolism, as well as the concepts and message of Truth into the creation. Because of this blend, your bracelet will be unique. Many times I also wait for a specific cycle of the moon, to empower the bracelet even further.


I also record the reading message, as well as how that message and intention are represented in your Sacred Circle so that each time you wear it you can be reminded of why those beads, those colors, that arrangement, etc are there. The Sacred Circle becomes an affirmation that you are wearing."



You can choose which deck(s) you want your guides to speak through, or you can allow me to choose based on your intention and the message I receive from your guides on which one(s) might be the most appropriate.

Readings are a sacred process, and before I begin, I clear myself, meditate and prepare my reading space, using incense, candles, and prayer. In use my sacred cloth saved just fro readings to prepare my table space.

To begin, I clear the cards, and then meditate on you and your intention or question or new aspect of life you are celebrating. I call upon your guides to connect with me through the cards, and then shuffle and choose the card(s) needed.

The card(s) message is then meditated on, in conjunction of how this integrates with your situation.


Then the design process begins, as I choose what components and design will integrate this message. These components are all then prepared, through clearing and then dedicating them to this purpose.


You may also request just a card reading ( simple or in-depth, or the Medicine Wheel Year reading).

When a reading only is requested, this is then written and emails to you. The format of each is one that you can then print, and use as a journaling tool to assist in your own integration of this message.


You may also wish to have an in-depth reading or medicine wheel reading as a part of the Sacred Circle Jewelry order! While not every detail of these more in-depth readings will be integrated into the design, the overall theme will be a core aspect of the piece.


 Card decks that can be

requested for readings:

Message from your Angels

Magical Message from the Fairies

Soul Coaching

Goddess Oracle Cards

Gateway Oracle Cards

Gods and Titans

Earth Magic

You may also wish to purchase your own deck of cards, and use these as a part of your own daily practice.



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  "Our Intention Creates our Reality"

                      - Wayne Dyer