Please use this form to begin the Sacred Circles bracelet order process, or email LuAnn at LuAnn@inner-harmony.org to place your order.


For all other items, please email LuAnn with your specifics, and intentions.


Plan ahead for special gifts. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be created and shipped,


We will confirm all orders with email verification, so make sure that the email address you give below is one that we can reach you at! Payment can be mail through Paypal, but we prefer check or money order.




To determine what size ( length) bracelet would work best, take a piece of string, and wrap it around your wrist at the tightness or looseness desired.

Then measure the length of the string. Most bracelets are 7 or 8 inches.


Ordering and Options:


You can use this form to add Essential oil beads or EMF beads or charms to your order of a bracelet or necklace.

You can add a more in-depth or Medicine Wheel (year long) reading to your order ( or just order these readings without a jewelry item)

You can order Essential oil sprays or perfumes, Space clearing tools and a combination of any of these items.

This form is then emailed to LuAnn, who will contact you with any questions and the total purchase value.





Please complete the form below to start the Sacred Circle process!

(you will then receive a Paypal Invoice, and you can optionally send a check or money order at this time)

In-depth Reading and Journal ($25)
Medicine Wheel Reading and Journal ($50)
Standard reading with jewelry order
7 inches
8 inches
9 inches
8mm - $88
10mm - $125
12mm - $125
Braided Silver 16-18" $66
Smooth Silver 16-18" $66
Long Tassel 32" $77
Simple Chain 24" - $33
Yes - add $25
No Thank You
Add Stainless& Crystal Large Bead ( add $36)
Add Stainless Pendant/Charm ( Add $25)
No thank you
Create a custom Room Spray for my intention and message ($25)
Create a custom perfume for my intention and message ($50)
Create a custom roll on for my intention & message ($25)
Phoenix Blade - $55
Magic Wand - $20
Magic Wand Chakra Set - $80

* Required

           Thank you for your order! I am excited to work on this project for you!