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Essential oils are the natural 'oil' or liquid extracted from a plant.

In ancient times, plants were the medicine used or the sacred tools used to clear a space. Plants have medicine properties and metaphysical properties.

High quality, natural, pure and organic essential oils holds the energy of that plant.


LuAnn uses the highest quality essential oils in her work with Sacred Circles jewelry and in her Space Clearing practice.


She can custom create a space clearing spray for you to use in your home or office, and/or create a custom perfume oil for you to wear.




Essential Oils sprays can be used to add scent to a space, and clear the energy of a space. They can be used also to refresh and clear your own energy. Sprays are created using spring water, pure essential oils, and rock/gemstones. They are NOT to be taken internally, but spritzed in a space.


Can be used in both the home and an office setting. They are perfect for use in place where heavy emotions have been released, and also in spaces where there are electronics. In an office setting they can be used as a way to reset the energy of your space daily, while your co-workers just think you are using an air freshener.


You will have the 'recipe' for the spray created for you, so that you can re-create it yourself when needed.




Essential Oils perfumes and wearable scents are created using an organic based carrier oil (usually jojoba), and the combination of essential oils that create the energy and intention you desire.


Perfumes are packages in a beautiful perfume bottle. 


Wearable oils ( that can be rolled on your body or onto an essential oil bead), are created in the same manner.


Rock and gemstones are also sometimes added to the mixture to enhance the properties of the oils.





Essential Oils can be ordered from

Inner Harmony's website, when you wish to renew your perfume or sacred spray, or create your own mixture!

There are also existing blends to assist with menopausal symptoms, weight loss, migraine and joint pain, and to create protection from flus and viruses that is natural and healthy for you and your family..



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